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i just want him </3

i just want him to tell me he cares.

i just want him to tell me he wishes we could be together.

i just want him to tell me i make him happy.

i just want him to be mine.

i just want him to look after me and keep me sane.

i just want him to keep me warm on the cold nights.

i just want him to fall in love with me.

i just want him to say the truth.

but mostly .. i . just . want . HIM! - BritanyLayne.

The World Is Fucked Up !

It’s kinda sad that we live in a world where women arent ment to be in ’ rock n’ roll ’ if i must say so myself, stereotypes are horrible . it’s insane how sexist people are now. Women can do just say many things as men can do .

Women play sports , they’re in the olypmics too, So why should they get hated on because they have the guts to create their own rock band or metal band ? if you’re talented and dedicated to what you do; Then why does it matter what sex you are ?

Also; Why do women have to have a seperate league for everything they do ?! Like theres the NBA; National Basketball Association but for then .. theres the WNBA; Womens National Basketball Association, Like what the hell. Why can’t we play with men? and women play softball; Not baseball … why ?!

I swear .. There’s something fucked up with the world .

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